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At least 50% of our clients are adults of all ages, who are learning to ride or to improve their riding. We teach adult beginners to more advanced riders. Riders can be up to 90kg or 100kg for riders interested in working solely on our electronic horse.

We are open every day of the year. On weekends, we’re open from 8am to 6pm and on weekdays, it’s 6am to 8pm. On major public holidays, like Christmas or New Year, we operate weekend hours. Our busiest times are weekdays after school (4pm to 6pm especially) and on weekends. In holiday times, we’re really busy on weekdays and quieter on weekends.

As most of our riders are regulars who ride at the same time every week, we have limited spots available for new riders, especially during weekends. If you have the flexibility, we strongly recommend riding either before or after work, when it’s much quieter in the arenas than on weekends. If weekends are your only option, consider an 8am or 5pm timeslot, when the crowds aren’t around – it really makes a difference when you have the place to yourself. 😊

Private lesson

This is a one-on-one lesson with an instructor, in an arena. Lessons are suitable for adults at any level, either learning to ride from scratch or wanting to improve on existing skills.

A 30 minute lesson ($85 or $750 for ten) is perfect for riders who have:

  • Never ridden
  • Done trail rides over the years
  • Rode and had lessons as a child or adult, but haven’t ridden for
  • Anyone who has ridden recently and who can steer a horse on their
    own and do rising trot in an arena.

Lessons are a lot different from trail riding (a bit like the difference between splashing around in the pool or swimming laps). On a trail ride, horses are generally following the horse in front and are doing something they’re really used to. In a lesson, you have to learn how to get a horse to move when they don’t have another horse to follow. You also need to learn to control exactly where the horse goes (there isn’t an obvious trail to follow) and to navigate around other horses/riders in the arena (unlike on a trail ride, horses will be moving in all directions in an arena). Lessons take a reasonable level of concentration plus horse-riding-specific
fitness. It is best to start with half an hour and to build stamina and fitness over time. Your instructor can let you know when you are ready to ride for longer, or you can ask for feedback. If you are in a hurry to learn, two x 30 minute private lessons per week will be more beneficial than one longer session.

A 45 minute lesson ($110 or $990 for ten) is good once you have the basics well established in walk and trot and would like to work on canter. It’s also a good place to start if you used to ride a lot, had regular lessons, could competently walk, trot and canter in an arena, but have not been riding for a while.

A one hour lesson ($135 or $1200 for ten) gives you more scope to have a lesson in Centennial Park, rather than in the Equestrian Centre, or to work on jumping, if that interests you. We teach both flatwork (dressage) and jumping. While jumping isn’t for everyone, learning the basics of the forward seat and going over poles can be really good for every rider – improving their position and balance. The forward seat also makes life easier for horses and can provide them with a nice rest from carrying our full weight on their back. Equally, for riders interested in jumping, it’s very important to continue to work on your flatwork. Flatwork helps you place your horse in the right position and at the right pace for those jumps!

Shared lesson

Once you can ride confidently by yourself in walk and rising trot and can safely steer in rising trot, for at least twenty minutes, you can consider sharing a lesson. You can share either with someone you know or with someone we suggest who is at the same riding level. Shared lessons go for one hour and are $110 per person (or $990 for a block of ten).

Shared lessons can be more social and therefore more fun for some riders. Others prefer the one-on-one relationship with their coach.

We often have enquiries from beginners who would like to share a lesson. If there are two of you, the best thing is to have a private 30 minute lesson each, one after the other. When you both reach the standard to share a lesson, you can keep the same timeslot, with both riding for the full hour, instead of two half hours.

Groom and Lesson

For people who are interested in learning how to handle and look after horses, as well as how to ride. Spend half an hour learning how to get a horse ready for riding (grooming and tacking up), then half an hour learning to ride. Once you are confident getting your horse ready, you can do this by yourself under supervision, then have the lesson and then learn how to take care of the horse after riding. Over time, as you become more competent, the horse management component can include learning how to walk a horse correctly, how to give a horse a bath, how to recognise and describe your horse, some horse first aid, learning how to feed, water and muck out a horse. Each session is $135 or $1200 for a block of ten. You can also alternate between Groom and Lesson sessions and one hour riding lessons.

Centennial Park

Once you reach a certain level, we can conduct your lessons in the Equestrian Grounds of Centennial Park if you ride for an hour. We can also do lessons along the Centennial Park Horse Track if you have a shorter lesson time – this gives you exposure to riding and controlling your horse in different situations. Please let us know if this interests you and we can work towards it.

If you’d prefer a more relaxing ride sometimes, you can also swap your lesson time for a ride in the Park ($90 for an hour or $75 for 45 minutes). You can either pay as you go for these or we can credit your package with the difference in price between your usual lesson and your Park Ride. Please give us some notice if you’d like to swap so that we can make sure we have the right horse available for you.

Riding Packages

Riding packages offer a discount for upfront payment and are a good option for anyone riding on a regular basis. While packages are a great idea for regular riders, they don’t have an expiry date. So if you need to travel or are taken ill, your package will still be here when you get back.

Our Riding Intensive Package ($550) is a popular choice for anyone learning to ride. The package comprises eight x 30 minute private sessions. These include seven x 30 minute private riding lessons, at least one of which is on our electronic horse Bonnie plus a half hour escorted ride in Centennial Park.

We also have the following packages available:

Weekday Ten Pack:

  • Ten x one hour weekday private sessions at 8am or 9am ($990). We
    teach around twenty of these sessions each week, however, as it’s such a
    good deal we tend to have limited availability.

Anytime Packs:

  • 10 x 30 minute private lessons for $750 (save $100)
  • 10 x 45 minute private lessons for $990 (save $110)
  • 10 x 60 minute private lessons (including Groom and Lesson) for
    $1,200 (save $150)
  • 10 x 60 minute shared lessons for $990 (save $110)

We strongly recommend and prefer that riders have a single lesson
initially, to make sure that they enjoy the lesson and the Sydney Horse
approach. If you do enjoy your lesson, you can use the one-off lesson
payment as a deposit for a package, provided you buy the package on the same
day as the lesson. This way, you haven’t made a large commitment if you
decide that riding lessons or Sydney Horse are not for you.