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Discover Family Fun with Horse Riding in Centennial Park

The day seems endless. You sprawl, bored, on the sofa – eyes glazed as they watch the swirl of images on the television, breath escaping in tired little sighs. It’s another wasted weekend, with your family scattered across the house and your hours void …read more .

Trail Rides in Centennial Park Deliver Quick Access to Outdoor Fun

A question lingers in your mind: how do 24 hours prove too little to complete the many errands and office projects? You glance at your watch, trying to will another minute to appear, hoping you’ll somehow find a spare second to complete yet …read more .

Have You Heard of the Amazing Horse Riding Simulators in Australia?

In particular, the only riding simulator in Australia that is housed at a horse riding school? We are referring, of course, to Bonnie, our resident electronic horse at Sydney Horse. This state of the art piece of technology, manufactured by Racewood …read more .

Fulfil a Lifelong Ambition with Adult Riding Lessons in Sydney with Experienced Instructors

In your youth you had a very simple dream – one of horses and endless afternoons, racing through fields and jumping over fences. It was all you wanted. Sadly, an urban environment didn’t lend itself to outdoor pursuits, and you never experienced the …read more .

Advanced Horse Riding Lessons Now Available in Sydney

Are you starting to feel you’ve reached a certain level? Developed your transitions, know how to do your circles and other figures? Have you mastered the half-halt, and learned how to put your horse on the bit? It might be time for you to progress …read more .

What Skills do You Learn with Sydney Beginner Horse Riding Lessons?

When starting out with horse riding, there’s a wide world of horse knowledge that you may or may not know. Even if you’ve already done some light research, the fact remains that there will be a lot more that you don’t know. No need to worry, however, for …read more .

Searching for Children’s Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney? Sydney Horse Delivers a Safe and Engaging Experience.

It’s a lifelong obsession and your child spends her days thinking of horses and adventures. She reads about them; she sketches countless pictures; and she always steers the conversation toward lessons, wanting nothing else. You want to oblige her, but …read more .

Have Fun and Take Your Skills to The Next Level with a Group Horse Riding Lesson in Sydney

So you and your friends already have most of the basics down. You know how to approach a horse, understand how to get the horse to walk, stop and have firmly grasped the rising trot. Now is the perfect opportunity to assemble your crew and take a …read more .

Are you looking for Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney? Sydney Horse Delivers Programs for all Abilities and all Schedules.

Sydney Horse aims to provide you with an answer for fun, safe horse riding lessons in Sydney. We understand the frustrations of travelling long distances to stables, and we want to spare you the weekly battle of traffic and frustration. We offer a …read more .

Find Your Motivation to Ride Through Private Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney

Why do you ride horses? What is it that interests you about the sport? The factors that draw people to and keep people in this amazing activity are numerous and varied, but the question often goes overlooked by participants, even those that have been …read more .