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We have a variety of activities to suit children on a one-off visit. This can range from a 15 minute lead, to a whole day at the Stables or even a party! We are open every day of the year! On weekends, we’re open from 8am to 6pm and on weekdays, it’s 6am to 8pm. On major public holidays, like Christmas or New Year, we operate weekend hours.

Our busiest times for children’s activities are weekdays after school (4pm to 6pm especially) and on weekends. In holiday times, we’re really busy on weekdays and quieter on weekends.

Please do ring and make a booking, preferably a few days in advance. We are rarely able to accommodate someone who would like to make a same-day
booking, especially for a weekend, although it doesn’t hurt to ask!. We do tend to be booked out one to two weeks in advance, so it’s best to bear this in mind to avoid disappointment.

Visit the horses and ponies

Anyone of any age is welcome to visit the Stables at any time. There’s no need for an appointment. You can say hello to the horses and have a little ride on our mechanical pony, Belle. If you’d like to bring the horses an apple, carrot or piece of celery, you are welcome to do that – please ask permission before feeding the horses and read the signs on each door. Some horses are on special diets and can’t have apples or carrots (only celery) while other horses are best left alone.

We encourage a stable visit for young children (say 5yo or under), before booking a ride for them. This gives you a good idea if the child is relaxed and will enjoy the experience. Often, children are apprehensive and just bringing them for a visit, rather than a ride, is a good start. Children can also be quite changeable – so a four year old who happily rode a pony six months ago, can become a screaming watering pot today, faced with a similar pony!

Child’s lead

A 15 minute led ride ($30) around our large Equestrian Centre. This is a good place to start for children up to 6 or 7 years old who have not ridden before or who have not ridden for a long time. We take children who can sit up by themselves, so from around 2 years up – however, for children 2-5 years old, we strongly advise a visit to the Stables before making a booking, to see what your child’s reaction is. Children can be very excited by the idea of horse riding but quite overwhelmed by the (rather large) reality.

Mini Groom and Ride

Our 30 minute Mini Groom and Ride ($60) is great for children (5yo+) who are fascinated by horses and want to do more than ride. Your child will work with a groom for 15 minutes, learning how to get the horse ready, then will go for a 15 minute led ride in the Equestrian Centre. A really good option once children have been riding and are interested in learning more.

Centennial Park ride

A 30 minute escorted walk in Centennial Park ($60), suitable for children from 4yo+ who have had recent regular experience, or older children (8yo+) with no experience. The ride travels into the Park for 15 minutes and returns. Please note that we lead all riders from the ground (no exceptions). The ride crosses a busy road on the way into the Park, so it is not suitable for nervous children, who are best getting their confidence up riding inside the Equestrian Centre. Our horses do Centennial Park rides for riders from 10kg to 55kg.

Groom and Ride

Spend half an hour with one of our staff and your horse, learning how to groom and tack up. If you like, we’ll also show you how to plait, ribbon, do quarter markers and apply glittery hoof oil. Then take your new and beautiful best friend for a half hour ride to Centennial Park and back. A lovely time for ages 8+. $90 per one hour session.

Stable Day

Children can spend time shadowing one of our grooms, learning all about what happens in the Stables and how to help. Tasks can include mucking out, feeding, watering, washing and walking horses. The two hours version ($90) is suitable for a school age child while the 9am to 4pm Stable Day ($180) is appropriate for 10yo+. Add a ride or a lesson to the day if you like. Available every day of the year.

School Holiday Riding Camps

Our kids’ horse riding holiday camps run from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, during the school holidays. Children can come for one day, a few days or for the whole week.

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to groom and care for horses, including feeding, mucking out, tacking up, untacking. They also learn about horse behaviour and anatomy. Each day includes a group horse riding lesson plus Centennial Park horse riding. Where needed, horse riding lessons are graded, so that children ride with others of similar ability.

Children also practise riding our electronic and mechanical horses (riding simulators), which are a very popular part of our kids’ holiday camps. However, nothing beats the relationships children make with the real horses and ponies as well as with other children and staff during their time at our kids’ riding camps!

Camp is $325 per day, three days are $825, four days $1,100 and five days $1,300. Our next available camps are:

7 – 11 January 2019
14 – 18 January 2019
21- 25 January 2019

Pony Parties

Our parties start at $450. This includes:

  • a decorated horse (groomed, plaited, with ribbons and glittery painted hooves) for one hour, which can take up to six children on ten minute rides in the Equestrian Centre. For groups larger than six, additional horses will be needed and are available for $250 each for the hour.
  • a dedicated handler who manages each horse and helps the child during the ride, including reassuring any nerves.
  • Riding helmets and boots for each child.
  • a co-ordinator who will organise parent consent forms, the right size helmets and boots for the children. The co-ordinator will also take each child through a practice session on our mechanical horse Belle, answering any questions and preparing them for the real horse. The co-ordinator will also help the child get onto the real horse.
  • a converted stable (3.2m x 3.5m) which has a couch, large coffee table and rug. This stable is available for decoration as guests like (no balloons because they scare horses) and for any refreshments/cake guests organise. While the horse riding component takes a maximum of one hour, the converted stable is available for as long as needed.

We can do parties on weekdays after school (during daylight savings). We can also do parties on Saturdays or Sundays from 10.30am-1pm during school terms. Outside school terms, we can also do parties on weekend afternoons.