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We can do a variety of things for parties, depending on how many people will be coming.  We can run parties for two people right up to 30 people, from two years old, to teenagers and adults.

In school term, we can do weekend parties where the horse component finishes by 12.30pm or weekend afternoon parties where the horse component runs 4pm to 5pm.  During school holidays we can do parties at any time on the weekend.  We can also do weekday parties at any time of year.  We tend to book only one party each day.  Our horses insist on dressing up for parties, so they look fabulous for your party photos!

You can mix and match things to make a party which suits your needs.  You can also separately hire our converted stable for $50, decorate it (no balloons) and bring your own food.  A picnic on our lawn is also an option.  You may also have some ideas of your own, which we’re happy to consider.  We encourage anyone thinking of booking to come and see the venue first.  We are open every day of the year and always welcome visitors.

Short rides party

The most straightforward option is where we provide horses for children to take turns in riding, for about ten minutes each.  Generally, each horse can take about 5, possibly 6, children per hour.  It’s $225 per horse and handler for an hour.  This is the most economical option if you have large numbers.  It’s also the option we can offer either here at the Equestrian Centre or in Centennial Park (travel time costs apply).  All of our other party options are held at the Equestrian Centre (which has the benefit of convenient nearby parking, an unusual venue and wet weather options).

Groom and Ride

Our Groom and Ride is proving popular for older children, from approx 8yo to teenagers and adults.  This involves thirty minutes of getting the horse ready, including plaits and ribbons, then going for a thirty minute ride in the Park on the newly decorated horse.  This is $90 per rider and works well for smaller groups.

Scavenger Hunt

Led by a Sydney Horse staff member, hunt teams are given pictures of horse-related items to find around the Equestrian Centre.  While having fun finding each item, scavengers also learn about horses.  Hunts last for approx 25-30minutes and are $25 per participant.  At the end of the hunt, there is a lucky dip and each participant wins a small horse-themed gift (the mystery always causes great excitement).  Scavenger hunts can be run by themselves or can be added onto parties.

Makeover parties

Spend a morning or afternoon transforming our everyday horses into glamorous creatures! Learn how to groom, polish, plait, be-ribbon and other horse beauty secrets. Then be photographed with your newly glamorous friend and, if you wish, take him/her Centennial Park horse riding and receive lots of admiring glances. Refreshments are provided while you work your makeover magic. Great for: birthday celebrations; reunions; outings with friends; or for a fantastic and inventive alternative to the traditional hen’s party. From $80 per person (no ride), $130 per person (30 minute ride included) or $160 per person (one hour ride included).  Makeover parties suit small numbers from two to six people.