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Kathleen Caden, Founder

Kathleen volunteered with Riding for the Disabled in Kellyville in the 1980’s and had her first riding lessons there. She then trained and worked as a volunteer coach with RDA for a number of years. In 2014, she was a volunteer coach with the Arcadia Pony Club.

Kathleen has a Master’s degree in English and a Graduate Diploma in Administration and has held an NCAS Introductory Coach qualification. Her vision is for Sydney Horse to be a place where horse lovers feel welcome and where horses are treated really well.


Kathleen Caden

Alice Scotts, Coach

Alice grew up in London and has always been passionate about horses. She loves teaching children (having three herself) and helping beginners overcome their nerves.

Alice has an NCAS Introductory Coaching Certificate. She was a magazine Art Director for many years and holds a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Alice also models and has appeared in several television and print advertisements.


Jenny Goodwin

Jenny Goodwin, Coach

Jenny started horse riding in Victoria when she was ten. She joined pony club and especially enjoyed mounted games and show jumping. As a teenager her family moved to Sydney and she spent many happy hours trail riding in nearby Kuringai Chase National Park. Jenny began show riding in her twenties and competed consistently including at Royal and Horse of the Year Shows, riding ex-racehorses which she had re-educated. She is also a Show Hunter judge.

Jenny is a NCAS Level 1 General Coach and has taught horse riding lessons for several years. She is now enjoying the challenges of dressage, has recently bought a young warmblood and has begun work on her NCAS Level 2 Dressage qualification. When she’s not working with Sydney Horse, Jenny has a full time Human Resources role in the racing industry.


Jenny Goodwin

Natalia Kataeva, Coach

Natalia is from Perm, a city in the European part of Russia, on the Kama River near the Ural Mountains. She originally studied IT and Mathematics at Perm University, worked in securities for a time and went on to make a career in real estate for several years. Natalia had nothing to do with horses until one day, twelve years ago, when she went for a ride with a friend and was instantly hooked! She had her own horse in Russia and was particularly interested in jumping.

Natalia holds an NCAS Introductory Coaching Certificate and is working on her Level One Certificate. She has been eventing on (Sydney Horse) Cecil during the last year and has recently bought her own horse, Carrick. Natalia trains with the eventer Jade Findlay at Cattai.



Sarah Dodd, Coach

Sarah started horse riding when she was 10. Before that she was a competitive gymnast. Sarah regularly competes in showjumping competitions, initially in Young Rider classes (up to 1.35m) and now in amateur classes (up to 1.20m). She also has a young warmblood who started competition in 2018.

Sarah has experience teaching all levels of riders up to competition. Her focus is on the fundamentals of riding and classical training. She has trained young warmblood horses, off the track thoroughbreds and ponies.

Sarah is an NCAS Level One Coach and is working towards gaining her Level Two Horse Management certificate. She is currently coached by Alison Rowland. Her idols are George Morris and Beezie Madden and of course, Australia’s Edwina Tops-Alexander. Sarah also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism from UNSW. She trains in Pilates twice a week and is a film and TV extra.



Sara Miller, Coach

Sara grew up on the Far South Coast of NSW and began riding the family ponies almost as soon as she could walk.  Sara was initially interested in showjumping but developed a passion for dressage when training her ASH gelding Blue Zorro to elementary level.

As well as working at Sydney Horse, Sara is undertaking Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Sydney. She also exercises a number of our horses and has recently bought (Sydney Horse) Wilbur, with whom she has a special bond. Sara holds an NCAS Introductory Coaching Certificate and is ready to do her Level One Certificate assessments, just as soon as she finds the time!




Christine Johnson, Coach Educator and Specialist Consultant, Equine

We were very lucky to have had Christine Johnson’s expertise in setting up Sydney Horse, sourcing our first fourteen horses and running assessment clients for staff.

An NCAS Level 2 coach and Coach Educator, Chrissie is also an experienced show jumping and eventing competition rider, who was short listed for the World Championships in 1976. She trained race horses for over 16 years before teaching Horse Management at Richmond TAFE and Marcus Oldham College. Chrissie set up her own riding centre, Johnson Equestrian, in 2001, which is at Nelson and which we heartily recommend.


Christine Johnson