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Kathleen Caden, Proprietor

Kathleen’s first experience with horses came in 1960’s Ireland when her grandparents hired a draught horse
to help with the harvest. She was one of the kids piled on the horse’s bare back for a photo when the harvest
was in. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when she volunteered with Riding for the Disabled in Kellyville that Kathleen
first had horse riding lessons. She then trained and worked as a volunteer coach with RDA for a number of years. More recently, she has been a volunteer coach with the Arcadia Pony Club.

Kathleen holds a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Introductory Coaching qualification and an
NCAS Level 1 Horse Management Certificate, as well as a Master’s degree in English and a Graduate Diploma in
Administration. While most of her work is in the office doing management-type things, she often escapes and
can be seen out and about with the horses.


Kathleen Caden

Christine Johnson, Coach Educator and Specialist Consultant, Equine

We are very lucky to have the services of Christine Johnson, a NCAS Level 2 coach and Coach Educator.
Chrissie runs training and assessment clinics for staff and clients wishing to gain nationally recognised NCAS qualifications in horse riding, stable management and coaching.

An experienced showjumping and eventing competition rider, Chrissie was short listed for the World
Championships in 1976. She trained race horses for over 16 years and also did a spot of horse wrangling for
the movies. Branching out into teaching and coaching, Chrissie taught Horse Management at Richmond TAFE
and Marcus Oldham College before setting up her own riding centre, Johnson Equestrian, in 2001. As well as her
NCAS accreditations, Chrissie is a member of the Pony Club’s Paid Instructor’s Panel. Chrissie takes a real joy in
teaching and passing on her skills, and does so with incredible patience, insight and good humour.


Christine Johnson

Jenny Goodwin, Coach

Jenny started horse riding in Victoria when she was ten. She joined pony club and especially enjoyed mounted games and showjumping. As a teenager her family moved to Sydney and she spent many happy hours trail riding in nearby Kuringai Chase National Park.

Jenny began show riding in her twenties and competed consistently including at Royal and Horse of the Year Shows, riding ex-racehorses which she had re-educated. She is also a Show Hunter judge.

Jenny is a NCAS Level 1 General Coach and taught horse riding lessons for eight years at Moore Park Stables in Sydney. She is now enjoying the challenges of dressage, has recently bought a young warmblood and has begun work on her NCAS Level 2 Dressage qualification. When she’s not working with Sydney Horse, Jenny has a full time Human Resources role in the racing industry.


Jenny Goodwin

Amber Kenny, Coach

Amber grew up in the Blue Mountains and was hooked on horses once she got her first (chestnut) pony at the age of nine. Amber did all her early riding in the Megalong Valley, kept her horse on a 1,500 acre property, and learned about horses from the men working the property, especially about the partnership it’s possible to have with a horse.

Amber is an NCAS Level One Coach, specialising in dressage. She loves to teach, thinks dressage is fundamental to good riding and is interested in rider biomechanics. She admires Carl Hester for his approach to his horses and horsemanship and Sylvia Loch for her understanding of the horse and how it works and moves.

Amber particularly likes helping first timers or the nervous person feel confident in the saddle. Having made the journey herself she’s particularly understanding of mums getting back in the saddle.


Amber Kenny

Celeste Taylor, Coach

Celeste graduated from the South African Jockeys and Equestrian Academy in 2001 with a SANEF Level One qualification as an Equestrian Instructor. She also rode trackwork in both South Africa and Singapore and later qualified as an Assistant Racehorse Trainer, working in South Africa and Dubai.

Celeste is also a qualified Equine Massage therapist and worked for a number of years as a therapist in Dubai at the Emirates Equestrian Centre. In 2010/12 she managed the Summerveld Equine Hospital in South Africa, including a staff of twelve.

A very recent arrival in Sydney, Celeste brings considerable experience and enthusiasm to her teaching. We’re thrilled that a work history which covers Durban, Singapore and Dubai now includes Sydney Horse!


Celeste Taylor

Natalie Innes, Coach

From Lanarkshire in Scotland, Natalie has been involved with horses since she was four years old. She began her working career as a jockey, then moved into working with show horses for a number of years. Natalie went on to manage her own livery and training yard, focusing on starting young horses.

Natalie has ridden and competed in a variety of disciplines including showjumping, working hunter, dressage and showing and has competed internationally with British Eventing. Natalie has British Horse Society Stage Three qualifications in Riding and Horse Care and has held her BHS Preliminary Teaching Certificate since 2007.


Natalie Innes

Megan Cooke, Coach

Before she came to Australia,  Megan was the proprietor of the North Cheshire Equestrian Centre, managing 60 riding school and livery horses plus 20 staff and volunteers.  She holds a BHSAI and a UK National Diploma in Horse Management (with distinction).  Her particular love is eventing, however, her passion is working with people and horses, and helping them reach their potential in any discipline.



Fatemeh Arbabshirani, Coach

Fatemeh worked with horses in her native Iran and also studied and worked in the UK for a number of years.  Fatemeh holds a British Horse Society PTT and has a particular interest in showjumping and teaching.



Rose Taylor, Coach

Rose Taylor began her horse career with riding lessons in South Africa when she was seven years old. She was originally a showjumper but these days focusses on dressage.

She has two horses. Balledor Debut (Junior) is a Riding Pony Thoroughbred cross, which Rose has trained to elementary/medium level. She recently bought a warmblood, AP Caracella (Ozzie), and is working at novice/elementary level with him.

Rose qualified as an NCAS Introductory Coach in 2011 and is preparing for her NCAS Level 1 Dressage Coach qualification. She is also a qualified H level judge and can frequently be found judging at competitions or working with clients who are competing. She is multi-skilled: coaching; riding; driving and plaiting for competitions and has been described as a pageant mother!


Rose Taylor

Rachael Pawley, Coach

Rachael hails from Queensland and started her horse career working at a horse stud in Toowoomba. She has 15
years’ experience working as a stable hand, strapper and track work rider for a variety of racehorse trainers at
Flemington, Rosehill and Warwick Farm.

Rachael holds her NCAS Introductory Coaching Certificate and is a particular favourite with children and adult beginners. Before working with Sydney Horse, Rachael trained as a Veterinary Nurse in a small animal practice, completing Year One of a two-year Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She missed horses, however, which is lucky for us! Rachael is studying for her Level One Coaching Accreditation.


Rachael Pawley

Jade Peace, Coach

Jade grew up in Scotland, where she began riding at the age of four. She owned and trained her own horse, focusing mainly on dressage but also did some show-jumping, cross country and hacking. Jade helped out at her local livery yard as a teenager, looking after and riding horses, as well as helping children with their ponies. She was on the University Riding Team at Edinburgh University, where she studied pathology.

Missing horses in Australia, Jade initially came to work with Sydney Horse as a groom and to exercise horses. She went on to gain her NCAS Introductory Coaching Qualification in 2015 and has now begun working on her level 1 Certification.

When she’s not teaching with us, Jade works full time in the Vascular Immunology Laboratory at Sydney University.


Jade Peace

Kristen Mueller, Coach

Kristen was introduced to ponies  when very young by an Auntie and subsequently spent long summer holidays at pony camps.  As a teenager, Kristen started formal riding lessons and volunteered with a trail riding centre.  Kristin joined Sydney Horse in early 2016 and manages Weekend Stables and the Young Riders’ Program for us.  Kristen holds an NCAS Introductory Coaching Certificate, is part way through an Animal Science degree at UWS and is a Queen’s Scout (the highest youth award achievable in the Scouting movement).



Natalia Kataeva, Groom

Natalia is from Perm, a city of one million people in the European part of Russia, on the Kama River near the Ural Mountains. She originally studied IT and Mathematics at Perm University, worked in securities for a time and went on to make a career in real estate for several years.

Natalia had nothing to do with horses until one day, twelve years ago, when she went for a ride with a friend and was instantly hooked! She had her own horse in Russia and was particularly interested in jumping.

Natalia manages evening stables for Sydney Horse. She also leads rides in Centennial Park and assists with lessons. Natalia holds NCAS Introductory Riding and Horse Management Certificates and plans to be a coach one day. She is also a versatile rider, riding most of the horses for us, with BB being her particular favourite.


Jade Peace

Sabrina Paisley, Morning Stables Manager

A cousin introduced Sabrina to horses when she was very young.  Before working with Sydney Horse, the majority of Sabrina’s knowledge and experience came from direct experience, including owning and training her own horses , as well as  training for other people.  Sabrina also volunteered at a trail riding centre and a riding school before joining Sydney Horse in 2016.  Sabrina holds an NCAS Introductory Stable Management Certificate and is currently studying for her Introductory Riding Certificate.



Sara Miller, Groom

Sara grew up on the Far South Coast of NSW and began riding the family ponies almost as soon as she could walk.  Sara was initially interested in showjumping but developed a passion for dressage when training her ASH gelding Blue Zorro to elementary level.
 As well as working at Sydney Horse, Sara is undertaking Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Sydney.  She also exercises a number of our horses and has a particular soft spot for Cody Grey.  Sara holds an NCAS Introductory Riding Certificate and is preparing for her Introductory Stable Management Certificate.