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We give lessons and escort Centennial Park rides for children and adults. We teach all levels from beginners upward. Our horses can carry weights from 10kg to 90kg. Gift vouchers are available for all services.

15 minute child’s lead $30
30 minute Centennial Park ride $60
60 minute Centennial Park ride $90
30 minute private lesson $75
45 minute private lesson $100
60 minute private lesson $120
60 minute shared lesson (two people) $100 each
60 minute group lesson (three or four people) $90 each
60 minute lesson with own horse $90
Electronic horse (30 minutes) $75
Pony parties From $225 per pony and handler (60 minutes)
Holiday camps (9am to 4pm) $200 per day or $500 for 3 days $650 for 4 days
$800 for 5 days

All session times include mounting/dismounting. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your ride time.

We provide riding helmets and boots. Wear long, flexible pants and bring socks to wear under the boots.