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Centennial Park horse rides are good if you’d just like the experience of horse riding, without going into detail about technique. If you would like to learn how to ride, then horse riding lessons are the way to go.
Child’s lead

A 15 minute led ride ($30) around the Equestrian Centre. Good for tiny tots who can sit up by themselves and younger children.

Centennial Park ride

An escorted walk in Centennial Park, suitable for beginners upwards. The 60 minute ride ($90) travels into the Park for 30 minutes and returns. It suits adults and older children. The 30 minute ride ($60) travels into the Park for 15 minutes and returns, great for children and time-pressed adults. Please note that we lead riders from the ground, unless you have an assessment lesson beforehand which shows that you can walk, trot and canter competently in an arena.

Private lesson

One-on-one lesson with an instructor, in an arena. 30 minutes ($85) is perfect for beginners, children or anyone coming back to riding after a long break. 45 minutes ($110) is suitable if you can already walk and rise trot. One hour lessons ($135) are a good choice for riders who are already competent at walk, trot and canter.

We recommend private horse riding lessons initially, while you learn the basics. Once you’ve got the hang of things, you could either continue your private lessons or join a shared horse riding lesson.

Shared lessons

Good if you are already established at walk and rising trot. Riders should all be about the same standard, to make the most of the lesson. Shared lessons ($110 each) are for up to four riders. We start with an assessment private 30 minute lesson for each rider ($85) before doing shared lessons.

Riding Simulator

As well as riding our regular horses, you can also book horse riding lessons on our electronic horse (riding simulator). This is particularly good for working on your position or for practising a movement (all in the safety of the stable!). Half hour lessons are recommended and are $75.