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School Holiday Riding Camps

Our kids’ horse riding holiday camps run from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, during the school holidays. Children can come for one day, a few days or for the whole week.

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to groom and care for horses, including feeding, mucking out, tacking up, untacking. They also learn about horse behaviour and anatomy. Each day includes a group horse riding lesson plus Centennial Park horse riding. Where needed, horse riding lessons are graded, so that children ride with others of similar ability.

Children also practise riding our electronic and mechanical horses (riding simulators), which are a very popular part of our kids’ holiday camps. However, nothing beats the relationships children make with the real horses and ponies as well as with other children and staff during their time at our kids’ riding camps!

Camps are $225 per day; $600 for 3 days; $750 for 4 days; $900 for 5 days.

Upcoming dates are:

2-6 July, 2018
9-13 July, 2018
16-20 July, 2018
24-28 September, 2018
2-5 October, 2018
8-12 October, 2018
10-14 December, 2018
17-21 December, 2018