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Whether you’re an adult or child, a beginner or more advanced, Sydney Horse can help you.

We believe that horse riding is one of life’s best experiences
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Have Fun and Take Your Skills to The Next Level with a Group Horse Riding Lesson in Sydney

So you and your friends already have most of the basics down. You know how to approach a horse, understand how to get the horse to walk, stop and have firmly grasped the rising trot. Now is the perfect opportunity to assemble your crew and take a group session. Sydney Horse is the home to some of the most innovative group horse riding lessons in Sydney, and we’ve assembled this handy guide to introduce you to the concept!

Rides and Lessons

Whether you’d like to go for a one-off pleasure ride or to master the intricacies of riding we can help.
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Term Programs

We run programs at times to suit you, provided we have two enrolments – so find a friend and join a program.
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School Holiday Programs

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to ride, groom and care for horses.
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You can mix and match things to make a party which suits your needs. You can also hire our converted stable, decorate and bring your own party.
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The Basics On Group Lessons

The most noticeable feature is that the lessons involve several students as opposed to just one. Our group horse riding lessons at Sydney Horse generally involve groups of two, three or four people. Your immediate thoughts might be that you’ll get less personal time in a group setting, but the many benefits of riding in a group can outweigh this.

First off, the very act of being in a group, especially a group of our own choosing, feeds one of our most innate human desires. Learning in a group setting with friends increases your enjoyment of the class, which can help you retain more of what you’ve learned. When learning in a group, there are many enjoyable learning games an instructor can employ to help you drill skills while having a blast with your buddies. These games can be done during individual lessons, certainly, but are taken to a whole new level once you are competing with your friends. That level of challenge can even push us to do a little better: how many times have you been determined to improve simply to outclass one of your mates?

You can pick up additional information from your peers, both by them telling you things directly, and by watching and learning from their successes (and mistakes) while you take a break and let your horse rest. This last part is very crucial, as many folks are visual learners, and seeing what someone else is doing right/wrong can often increase our understanding of a topic far greater than a dry lecture ever could.

There are also the economic benefits of riding as a group. You can carpool to lessons and lesson costs are lower when you ride in a group.

Your Go-To for Sydney Group Horse Riding Lessons?

Sydney Horse should be on your short list for a premier Sydney group horse riding lesson experience. What puts us in a class all our own? For starters, we believe that horse riding is an activity for everyone, and in keeping with this philosophy make our lessons as accessible as possible to as wide a range of people as possible. Whether you’re old, young, novice or advanced, there’s a spot for you at our facilities. We don’t consider ourselves exclusive, elite or any other scary-sounding “E” words.

That open atmosphere doesn’t sacrifice quality or know-how, mind you. Around Sydney, group horse riding lessons from Sydney Horse include nationally qualified instructors, beautiful and well cared for animals, and grounds that are a sight to behold. Give us a call today on 02 9331 8231 to schedule your first group horse riding lesson today!

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