Have You Heard of the Amazing Horse Riding Simulators in Australia?

In particular, the only riding simulator in Australia that is housed at a horse riding school? We are referring, of course, to Bonnie, our resident electronic horse at Sydney Horse. This state of the art piece of technology, manufactured by Racewood, is one of only two that reside in Australia. So, what’s the big deal with this horse riding simulator?

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What is a Horse Riding Simulator?

There are different varieties, but Bonnie, our horse riding simulator in Australia, is designed to aid with Grand Prix dressage movements. First released to market in 2008, this simulator provides riders of all skill levels a way to develop proper positioning during manoeuvres. The simulator has various modes which can provide instruction, test riders on skills, or free ride. The simulator mimics the motions of a horse and has an interactive screen which can provide feedback or simulate different background scenery.

What are the benefits of such a device? Well, they are numerous if you stop to think about it. Consider the nervous first-timer, who may still be a bit wary on a real horse. The simulator gives them a way to hone their skills in a safe environment while they build the courage to go out and try it for real.

With a horse riding simulator, an instructor can remain close at hand while one practices. So close, in fact, that they can provide immediate feedback and correct students on how they should position themselves. With the benefit of sensors and electronic measurements, you can record the mistakes a student makes, analyse them, and fix them within mere minutes.

Unlike a live horse, the riding simulator does not tire, it does not become annoyed, and it does not memorise bad habits instilled by improper riding. The riding simulator is predictable in how it behaves and operates, and as such makes a very reliable aid in training.

Additionally, the horse riding simulator can be used indoors, where the environment is safe and climate controlled. No longer does practice need to be a slave to the whims of the weather!

Sydney Horse, The Go-To Location for Horse Riding Simulators in Australia

Sydney Horse has one of the only horse riding simulators in Australia, but that’s not the only thing that sets us apart. This cutting edge technology is part of a learning structure that includes knowledgeable staff and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Our instructors are all qualified, and can help you build your skills no matter your current level of proficiency because they understand teaching and understand how to interact with people to help them unlock their true potential.

We believe that maintaining a safe, reliable, professional atmosphere is essential, and providing a place to learn that is friendly and supportive can help folks ease into the art of horse riding, even if they’re a bit nervous at the outset.

Come on down and try out our horse riding simulator, or schedule an intro lesson. Give us a call on 02 9331 8231 to learn more.

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