AUTUMN means Easter and Holiday Camps. It also brings cooler days for horse riding. We’re open from 6am to 8pm weekdays and 8am to 6pm on weekends.

Did you know?

At top speed, a kangaroo is faster than a horse! A horse can out-run a human, but over very long distances humans have more stamina because we lose heat more efficiently than horses.

Did you know?

Horse teeth keep growing throughout their life and are worn down by grazing. The horse dentist comes once a year to see the horses and check their teeth.

ENJOY A RELAXING WALK AND TROT around beautiful Centennial Park with a small group of fellow horse lovers, escorted by an experienced Sydney Horse coach. Rides are open only to riders who are competent at walk, trot and canter. Rides are available initially on Wednesdays at 1pm, however, we will add other days/times based on demand. Exclusively for Sydney Horse clients, we have a fabulous opening deal of only $75 per ride!

SCHOOL HOLIDAY CAMPS will run 9am to 4pm weekdays, from 10-14 and 17-21 April. Camps are suitable for 5-10 year olds, from beginners onwards. Children ride twice daily, learn how to take care of horses and play horse-themed games. Lots of fun, with close supervision by experienced, friendly staff. Come for a single day ($200) or several (three days $500; four days $650; five days $800).

Did you know?

Horses are designed to graze continuously. If we don’t take this into account, stabled horses can develop ulcers. Slow feeders and haynets help horses to eat slowly, like they would in the wild.

Did you know?

The world’s smallest horse is only 43cm tall and weighs 26kg. She is a miniature horse called Thumbelina, who lives in Missouri, U.S. Thumbelina is so tiny, she’s smaller than lots of dogs.

TRIALS OF OUR POPULAR TERM PROGRAMS are available as follows:

  • Tiny Tots from 12noon to 1pm on Monday 27, Thursday 30 and Friday 31st March. Tiny Tots is designed for 3-4 year olds and is an hour of fun with horses, including a short ride. Tiny Tots runs for a term of nine weeks for $450. A trial session is $50.

  • Pony Prep from 10.30am to 12 noon on Sunday, 1 April. Pony Prep teaches 5-6 year olds to ride, look after their horses and help in the Stables. Pony Prep runs for nine school term weeks and is $700. A trial session is $100.

  • Afternoon Riding Group from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday 29 March. This Group is designed for children who can competently walk and trot and are learning to canter. Entry to the Group is by assessment. The Riding Group runs for nine weeks each school term and is $800. The trial session is $100.
  • GIFT VOUCHERS are a great idea for the horse- mad adult or child, or to encourage someone who’s been thinking about giving riding a go. Your perfect present is just a ‘phone call or an email away!

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