It’s hard to believe this is winter, given the mostly lovely weather! If you’d like to ride in cooler temperatures, we’re open from 6am to 8pm every weekday and 8am to 6pm on the weekends.

Did you know?

George Johnson, World Cup Showjumper, is a guest instructor for Sydney Horse. His next clinic will be Monday 21 August from 11am to 7pm. Sydney Horse clients can book a 45 minute private session, including horse, for just $120.

Did you know?

Horses in Australia celebrate their birthdays on 1 August – this is because most foals tend to be born around August onwards into Spring. Having a uniform birthdate is important for sports like thoroughbred racing, so horses of the same age are racing together. We celebrated at Sydney Horse with new name signs, extra carrots, apples and licorice.

WHY SHOULD KIDS HAVE ALL THE FUN??? We’re starting an Adult Riding Club on Fridays from 5.15pm. We’ll begin by grooming and tacking up (so if you can’t come until later, don’t worry), ride from 6pm to 7pm, then put our horses away (take as long as you like). As we’re right next door to the Entertainment Quarter, riders can even retire for an end-of-week drink if they’re in the mood. Starting from Friday 18 August, each session is $100, with discounts for block purchases. Come and give it a try!

TRY 45 MINUTES. If you’re finding your half hour lesson not quite long enough, but perhaps an hour is too much – try 45 minutes! These private lessons are available every day for $100 – with discounts for block purchases.

OUR NEXT ASSESSMENT CLINIC for Equestrian Australia horse riding or horse management qualifications will be on 28 August from 11am to 7pm. Open to everyone 12 years and over for $120 per person. Ask us for more information!

Did you know?

Horses and ponies come in all sizes, just like dogs. So small horses aren’t necessarily young – they’re just a small breed. Bambi is one of our smallest ponies, but also our oldest!

Did you know?

Moving around in the saddle slows your horse down, as it has to rebalance your shifting weight. Just like if you were carrying someone on your shoulders and they started wiggling around – it makes them much harder to carry. So, try to stay as still as possible on the horses’ back and make it easier for them.

SPRING HOLIDAY CAMPS will run in the weeks of 25-29 September and 2-6 October (and yes, we already have bookings!) Each day goes from 9am to 4pm and is suitable for children 5 to 10 years old, from beginners onwards. Children ride twice each day, learn how to take care of horses and play horse-themed games. Lots of fun, with close supervision by experienced, friendly staff. Come for a single day or several. Camps are $200 per day, with discounts for three or more days.


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