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Whether you’re an adult or child, a beginner or more advanced, Sydney Horse can help you.

We believe that horse riding is one of life’s best experiences
and we’d love to share that with you.

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Horse Veterinarian Students Supplement their Studies with Maintenance and Riding Preparation at Sydney Horse

You grew up on a ranch with a love for horses practically bred into you. Now at university, it only fits that you explore horse studies at your Sydney campus. You’re learning a lot of academics to go with your ranchero background, but lack of speedy transportation to your family’s ranch has made it difficult to practice the skills and techniques you’re learning in your Horse Maintenance for Sydney’s Equestrians class. Thankfully, your peers have found a solution for their limited access to practice facilities.

Rides and Lessons

Whether you’d like to go for a one-off pleasure ride or to master the intricacies of riding we can help.
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Term Programs

We run programs at times to suit you, provided we have two enrolments – so find a friend and join a program.
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School Holiday Programs

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to ride, groom and care for horses.
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You can mix and match things to make a party which suits your needs. You can also hire our converted stable, decorate and bring your own party.
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Horse veterinarian students in Sydney seek out Sydney Horse, located conveniently in the Equestrian Centre, for their high-quality, clean, and spacious facilities, exceptionally trained horses, and nationally accredited coaches who can lead instruction on anything from complicated competition manoeuvres to horse riding preparation to Sydney’s students of horse studies. Sydney, although a metropolitan area, has a rich equine culture. You’ll be able to get all the practice you need, right here in town.

More than a Riding School, We Are a Community

Whether you’ve never touched a horse, or have been riding since before you could walk, Sydney Horse is the equine hub for you. Horse veterinarian students here in Sydney love coming to our stables and networking with riders of all sorts. This mingling allows them to hone their interests and decide which direction of horse studies the Sydney student wants to take. While horse anatomy is the same no matter what the horse’s profession, horse maintenance in Sydney varies based on the horse’s occupation. For example, horse riding preparation for a Sydney racehorse has different steps than preparing a horse for a leisurely trot.

Horse Veterinarian Students Use Sydney Horse to Their Benefit

While we always love visitors, if you want to get hands-on instruction for proper horse maintenance at our Sydney stables, sign up for a stable day. Ideal for horse veterinarian students from the Sydney campus, you’ll shadow one of our caregivers going over the latest techniques in stable cleaning, horse grooming, and horse health evaluations. You can do stable days as a full-day experience that starts at 6:30am, or as a two-hour block you can fit between classes. For students who can’t find adequate ride time or instruction, we offer packs of individual instruction with our highly qualified coaches. Coaches are friendly, energetic, and passionate about meeting you where you are and pinpointing your needs so we can tailor lessons to your goals.

For beginning riders, individual lessons start with horse riding preparation. Sydney Horse takes the anxiety out of working with unknown horses for the first time by teaching the basics on our mechanical and electronic horses. We are the only institution in Sydney using simulators to develop beginners’ skills before they interact with actual animals. This technique, however, creates more confident students, and calmer horses. You went to school to study horses, don’t let a difficult commute between you the horses you grew up with hold you back from finishing your studies.

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