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Sydney Horse has a range of horses and ponies to suit every person, whatever your age or level of experience.
Our horses can carry weights between 10kg and 90kg.
Angus (Centaur Eureka)

Angus is a beautiful ten year old Thoroughbred Clydesdale gelding. He stands 16h high and his grey dapples
and black forelock certainly catch the eye. Sydney Horse found Angus in the Hunter Valley where he had been used mainly for pleasure riding.

While we love his looks, we’re even more in love with Angus’ kind and sensible
temperament, not to mention his smooth paces. He is a very honest horse and ideal for horse riding lessons when you’ve a bit more experience under your belt.


Born in 1995, Bambi is the oldest equine member of Sydney Horse. An approx. 12.2h chestnut Riding Pony, Bambi is on loan from the Clark family. Bambi had an illustrious showing career and produces beautiful work for the capable child rider. He is also incredibly calm and is a great choice to take young children, particularly nervous ones, for rides. Since he arrived in early 2017, he has become a firm favourite of many girls and boys.


Belle is our palomino Equicizer or horse riding simulator, who came to Sydney Horse all the way from Ohio in the United States. The Equicizer was designed by Frankie Lovato, an award-winning American jockey, to help him rehabilitate after an accident.

Sydney Horse uses Belle to help beginners learn how to mount and dismount correctly, as well as how to sit on the horse, hold the reins and get used to the movement. She’s also great for any more experienced riders to warm up before their horse riding lesson or ride. You warm up for all other exercise – why not warm up before you ride, softening and relaxing your muscles and then getting the best out of your horse riding lesson?

You can also use Belle the same way as Frankie Lovato did, to improve your fitness and flexibility – and we have a range of exercises to help you do that.

While Belle looks small and cute, she can also canter and gallop vigorously. Toby Maguire was riding an equicizer like Belle in the close up racing shots for the movie ‘Sea Biscuit’. And we love Craig Cameron’s description of how to canter – using an equicizer like Belle:

Our Belle has also appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, so she’s a star all around!

BB (Brown Bear)

BB is an 12 year old 16.1h bay Thoroughbred gelding. Lots of people led Sydney Horse to BB at Washpool Lodge in Queensland and we’re grateful to them all, because he’s fantastic! In Queensland he was part of a school equestrian program and did dressage, jumping and eventing.

BB is Mr Cool, a beautiful, gentle fellow with a very soft mouth. He is in great demand for horse riding lessons, both dressage and jumping.


An Australian pony, Bonfire is a 15 year old, 13h gelding. He is a very cute liver chestnut with a white strip on his face. Bonfire has done jumping and riding school work in the past. He is a forward going performance pony, with lots of personality. Sydney Horse found him on the Central Coast and we think he’s a real addition to our herd.

Bonfire gives horse riding lessons to all ages, does pony rides, and gets dressed up for kids’ parties. He’s particularly good for children and small adults learning to canter. Bonfire’s a versatile pony!


We bought Bruno from a dealer near Port Macquarie in mid 2018, so we don’t know much about his background. What we do know is that he is approx. 15h, approx. 15 years old, a buckskin gelding with possibly ASH (Australian Stock Horse) antecedents. We also know that he’s very cuddly and likes nothing better than smooching with his humans. Apart from his pleasant personality, he’s a wonderful ride for advanced teenagers and adults. His best friend is Flicka.


Cecil is a handsome 16h bay Thoroughbred gelding, with two white socks. Cecil is from Sydney and has done a variety of things in his 16 years. He has raced (too slow!), done cross country, Pony Club, and some jumping. We like his easy-going nature and that he’s an obliging, straightforward horse to ride for the advanced rider or those learning to jump.

Cody Gray

Although he sounds like a character in an American TV series, Cody Gray is actually a sweet, flea-bitten grey Australian Stock Horse. He stands 15.2h high and is an 18 year old gelding. Cody Gray came to Sydney Horse from Wagga where he did general riding and some stock work.

An obliging fellow, Cody Gray is willing to try anything for his rider, which is sure to make him a favourite. Cody Gray gives horse riding lessons for our more experienced riders. He is best friends with Skye and Garnet (an eye for the girls!). Photo by Dominic Loneragan.


A 16.2h brown bay Thoroughbred gelding, born in 2010, Fancy was lightly raced and then was privately owned as a pleasure horse.  He was our Christmas present to ourselves in December 2017 😊.  While he enjoys popping over poles, Fancy’s strength is his flatwork.  He is well-educated, has three balanced paces and is a very pleasant horse to ride.  Fancy is an excellent horse for building confidence as he’s quiet – nothing fazes him – and very kind.


We bought Flicka at the Echuca Sales in June 2018, on the recommendation of Lauren Woodbridge, who’d also found us Thelma and Sapphire. Flicka was in a bit of a state and spent some time with Lauren Koch at Black Range Equestrian at Yass (who looks after our horses on long breaks) and then some time with Lauren Woodbridge as well. Since joining us, she’s turned into a chunky monkey. She’s a kind and obliging, approx. 16 year old, 14.3h black mare. Her best friend is Bruno (another of our horses with an unknown past) and she also loves people. Just now, Flicka’s an excellent horse for intermediate and advanced riders.

Garnet O’ si´ Beg si´ Mor

Garnet is a 13.2h flea-bitten grey Connemara Pony mare. Sydney Horse found the fourteen year old in Killarney, Queensland and are so glad we did! Garnet is a quiet and sensible soul with a Pony Club background. She is forward going and responsive to her riders, and possesses the world’s best forelock! Another versatile pony, Garnet gives horse riding lessons to students of all ages and is particularly good if you’re learning to jump.

Garnet’s full name comes from an old Irish melody which you can find here:


Born 2008, Halo is a 15.2h black Percheron Warmblood mare. She comes from the same Gold Coast family as Louis Philippe and has been with us since 2018. Apart from her good looks, she is a very calm horse which suits riders just starting out. She also goes beautifully for more advanced riders. We’re really happy to have found her.


A good looking 16h almost-black Thoroughbred, born in 2000, Hugo came to Sydney Horse in 2017 when his owner couldn’t keep him. He is a sweetheart, with a big bouncy trot and a cheeky jump. He seems to have become best friends with Bambi, which makes for a rather odd couple, but really gets on with everyone, horse and human alike.


A millennial (born 2000), Kayla is an approx. 14.3h chestnut Thoroughbred/Australian Riding Pony mare.  Kayla originally trained with Rozzie Ryan and had lessons with her previous owner for many years with Caroline Twomey.  She is a quiet, obliging, forward moving horse who can deliver lovely work for more capable riders while also being a safe choice for the novice rider.  From the Hawkesbury, Kayla has been with us since early 2017.

Louie (Flowerdale Double Delight)

Louie is a grey 12.2h, 13 year old Welsh Section A gelding (Weston Park Tully x Cherrytree Daffodil sod Twyford Minton imp).

He came to us in April 2016 from the same property in Killarney, Queensland, as Garnet.

We think that Louie is unfairly beautiful. He is also smart (it took him a nanosecond to work out his slow feeder) and very sociable, loving hanging out with kids. He’s a great and safe pony to ride, whether for flatwork or poles. If you’re lucky enough to ride him, you’re welcome to bring him a carrot for afterwards – he loves those too!

His stablemate Garnet has her very own song, however, whenever we hear this song, we think of Louie – any world with Louie in it is truly wonderful!

Louis Philippe

Born 2010, Louis Philippe is a dapple-grey gelding, Appaloosa Percheron cross, who we found on the Gold Coast in 2018. Although he is quite young, he is a laidback fellow, taking everything in his stride and trying his best. His calm demeanour gives his riders great confidence. In keeping with his chilled approach to life, Louis Philippe recently had his first dressage competition outing and didn’t put a hoof wrong!


Born 2009, Mac is a solid 15h palomino Quarterhorse gelding.  He previously worked on a cattle station at Ebor near Armidale. He was ridden Western style at a high level and has competed in campdrafting, penning, ranch sorting and Working Cowhorse.  Mac has been with us since early 2017 and is loved for his nice paces, especially his rocking horse canter, his calm demeanour and his golden good looks.

Molly (Cwmkaren Welsh Melody)

Molly is a striking chestnut Welsh Cob mare with a white blaze. She is 16 years old and a solid 14.1h high. Sydney Horse found Molly in the Southern Highlands where she had done some dressage work as well as showing.

Molly has a beautiful temperament to match her beautiful looks and we are very happy that she was the first pony Sydney Horse bought. Molly is terrific in horse riding lessons for beginners and advanced students, both children and adults.

Mr Bindi

Our tiniest pony, Mr Bindi is a 12h palomino gelding from Sydney. He is 18 years old and has previously worked in a riding school, so knows his stuff. We think he also knows just how cute he is! Happily, he combines his cuteness with a nice temperament and is a Sydney Horse favourite.

Mr Bindi and Peppi are good mates. Mr Bindi is great for beginner horse riding lessons, as well as rides for tiny tots. He also regularly gets dressed up for kids’ parties. He’s been to so many pony parties, he’s probably full of kids’ party ideas!


We were very lucky to buy Nipper from Adam Battaglia in mid-2017. Nipper is a gorgeous 13h buckskin pony gelding, born in 2003. He had previously worked in a riding school (with Mr Bindi and Peppi!) and is very well-schooled and well-mannered. His only downside is that he goes so well, it’s sometimes difficult to prise his riders away, when they’re ready to move onto a more challenging mount. 😊


A Riding Pony, Peppi is a 12.2h bay gelding with a white strip on his face. He is 20 years old and has worked in a riding school before, so knows the ropes. Peppi hails from Sydney and is mates with Mr Bindi. He is a handsome, confident pony who has taken to his new role at Sydney Horse with aplomb.

He and Mr Bindi make a great pair – they often go to kids’ parties together (and we’re sure they chat about kid’s party ideas – they’re a very vocal pair!). Peppi also gives lots of horse riding lessons to beginner and more advanced children and does tiny tot rides as well.


A beautiful bay 15.2hThoroughbred mare, born in 2010, Sapphire came to us from a herd destined for South Korea. Luckily for us, the Korean sale fell through. She has had a range of mishaps, starting when she ripped off part of her hoof on the day we bought her! Then she had a losing altercation with a fence and most recently was hospitalised for colic. We’re hoping all that is behind her now as she is a beautiful and responsive horse for more advanced riders and she also has a lovely nature.


A 15h bay gelding, Skipper was gifted to us in 2018 and has proven himself a gem. He has a background hanging around in a paddock and doing pleasure rides and loves to potter calmly around with his riders. A favourite with beginners, young and old, small and not-so-small, Skipper is a low-key excellent addition to the Sydney Horse Stable.


Skye is a 13.2h grey Anglo Arab mare from the Hunter Valley, one of our foundation ponies and beloved of many small children. Born towards the end of the 20th Century, Skye retired from riding school work in late 2018, after some health issues. Now that her health has stabilised and we’ve moved to North Richmond, Skye is our very good looking paddock ornament.  Skye will be happy if any previous riders would like to visit her, particularly if they bring treats!


Stella is a beautiful 15.1h bay Thoroughbred mare, foaled on 26 October 2003. She started life as ‘Luctonian’, a racehorse training in the Grafton area. Retiring from racing in 2009, we understand that Stella went on to be a broodmare. She was subsequently bought from saleyards by a South Coast equine rescue organisation and happily ended up with us in early 2016. Stella is a dream to ride, with lovely paces. She also loves water and enjoys drinking from the wash bay hose.


Thelma is a 15.1h brown Percheron Standardbred mare. A twelve year old, Thelma has previously worked in an ACT horse riding school. She also was a harness horse for 18 months and travelled 4,000km in harness around New South Wales and Victoria (with another horse called Louise!).

Thelma is a very calm horse, with a sweet and engaging nature. does horse riding lessons for beginners as well as more advanced riders. Although she’s one of our biggest horses, her calm nature means that she’s very popular for kids’ rides and holiday camps. Photo by Dominic Loneragan.


A dark bay gelding, Victor foaled on 10 September 2008 in New Zealand. As Victorveto, he raced 39 times, in New Zealand and country Australia. We bought him from a Queensland dealer and he arrived in May 2018 in a dreadful state. He was literally skin and bone and we thought he might die. Several months of excellent care by Wendy Benson at Winsome Farm, followed by months with Jade Findlay at Cattai has turned Victor into the attractive, slightly cheeky horse he was meant to be. Victor is suitable for advanced riders and looks beautiful under saddle.


Born in 2000, Trendy is a good-looking chestnut 13.3h Arabian Pony, who we bought from the Hunter Valley in late 2017. An educated, forward going pony, Trendy is obliging and very responsive to his riders. A lovely addition to our Stables!

Horse holidays

Each of our horses goes on holiday twice a year, to relax and recharge his/her batteries. As with any holiday, we try to time these for the best possible weather.
So, if your favourite horse is on holiday anytime you come, think of them lazing around in a lovely paddock not so very far away!

Old Friends


A lightly raced 16h bay thoroughbred (Wildling), Wilbur foaled on 21 October 2011. Wilbur has the goofiness of a baby sometimes (accidentally falling over in his stable 😊), gets on with everyone and is a calm and sensible fellow. He suits and is a favourite of more advanced riders, especially instructor Sara Miller.  Sara and Wilbur love each other so much, that we were very happy when Sara became Wilbur’s new owner in November 2019.


Argos was the last of the Sydney Horse founding ponies, arriving at the end of 2014. A 14.1h Haflinger gelding, Argos came from the Central Coast and had a background in eventing and jumping. He won the heart of many clients, most especially of Helen Woods, who bought Argos from us in 2017. These days Argos lives on acreage in the beautiful Glenworth Valley and we get lots of photos of him enjoying his new life, with his favourite person in all the world.

Russell (Cool Running)

An Andalusian cross, Russell is a15h grey gelding who had been both a harness horse in Brisbane and a trick horse riding pony for Heath and Krissy Harris, where we found him. He was the first horse we ever went to see and was one of our fourteen foundation horses and ponies.

A striking horse, Russell was a favourite for photo shoots, however, he found riding school life a bit too boring and instead went to the country for a while, where he did much more interesting things like eat grass and go on hunts. 😊 In 2017 he found his new forever home in Canberra with a horsey family and hangs out with his palomino pal Texas, eating grass and going for family trail rides. Russell’s idea of heaven!

Mr Sprinkles

A striking 16h grey ASH/Arabian gelding, Mr Sprinkles was loaned to us in mid-2017 for almost a year. He was adored by a legion of fans for his cuddly, engaging personality (as long as you’re not another horse!), his calm under saddle, his beautiful paces and his jumping ability. One particular fan will probably always remember the role Mr Sprinkles played in his successful wedding proposal!


A 14.1h appaloosa quarter horse cross, Jack was on loan to us for a couple of years and gave lots of beginner riders great confidence in their riding. We were very sad when his mum Mary Anne took him back at Christmas 2017. He was a great stable favourite, always with his head over the stable door, waiting for his next pat, and we wish him well in his future life!


Chipper was one of our founding ponies arriving with Bonfire from the Central Coast in late 2014. Born in January 2000, Chipper is a 13.2h grey Welsh pony gelding. He is cheeky, highly capable and loves company. That’s why he’s such a good match for Kelly Zimmerman, his proud new owner. Kelly and Chipper have their sights on a competition career. We know they’ll do well and are glad we brought them together!


Born on 11 September, 2010, Diamond was a good looking, approx. 15.2h bay Thoroughbred mare.  She raced as ‘Extraordinaire’ in the Sydney area and was bought from the saleyards by her previous owner.  We thought all our Christmases had come at once when we bought Diamond in February 2017.  She moved nicely, was friendly and completely unflappable (our farrier’s favourite!).  Unfortunately she developed what was initially thought to be colic but proved to be an inoperable tumour and was put to sleep on 15 March, 2017.  Vale Diamond.

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