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Whether you’re an adult or child, a beginner or more advanced, Sydney Horse can help you.

We believe that horse riding is one of life’s best experiences
and we’d love to share that with you.

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Learn Saddling Skills and How to Prep a Saddle at Sydney Horse

The first step to horse riding is learning how to prep a horse. Sydney’s Equestrian Centre is a space right here in the city where enthusiasts, hobbyists, and competitors alike can learn proper care, how to ride, how to increase their riding skill, and how to saddle a horse. Sydney Horse is a one-stop community hub for all equine lovers, from caretakers to competitors.

Rides and Lessons

Whether you’d like to go for a one-off pleasure ride or to master the intricacies of riding we can help.
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Term Programs

We run programs at times to suit you, provided we have two enrolments – so find a friend and join a program.
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School Holiday Programs

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to ride, groom and care for horses.
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You can mix and match things to make a party which suits your needs. You can also hire our converted stable, decorate and bring your own party.
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Saddling a horse at Sydney Horse is just one of the many skills you will learn from our passionate and highly experienced team. We offer high-quality instruction from top-notch accredited coaches who can meet you where you are and help you advance your horse riding and caretaking skills. We do our coaching individually or as part of a very small group, typically no more than four.

Learn to Saddle a Horse at Sydney Horse

We offer multiple ways to get involved in our community. Introductory packs have separate the sessions into types. Students initially learn how to saddle a horse at Sydney Horse by way of lessons with both our mechanical and electronic horses, Bonnie and Belle, respectively. Our simulators allow beginning students to learn how to prep a horse at our Sydney centre without the worry of a poor horse reception. Sometimes novice equestrians are too nervous or can irritate the animal’s skin while practicing a technique like saddling a horse, so Sydney Horse makes it easy by teaching on a machine that cannot get irritated and respond accordingly. In the introductory pack, we designate a full lesson to grooming where we go over care and stable upkeep, including how to appropriately store a saddle.

Sydney Horse for Exceptional Student Instruction and Growth

If you or your child enjoyed the introductory packs, there are two ways you can proceed. We have multi-lesson packages for individual instruction. Our coaches have experience in riding, dressage, and competitive equine sports. Individual lessons are ideal for students who need to learn how to saddle a horse for Sydney competitions or specialties outside of leisure riding. Lessons are tailor-made for your needs and abilities. Or, particularly for children, we have term packages. These class series, Tiny Tots, Pony Prep, Beginners’ Riding Group, and the Young Riders’ Program, are open to three or four children per time slot, are run by our esteemed coaches, and are a mix of group and individual instruction.

As a group, students of all ages, based on their developmental abilities, learn how to prep a horse. Sydney Horse is committed to teaching our students how to care for their horses so that you can care for yours as well as we maintain ours. For us, prepping a horse starts long before getting ready for a ride. We believe all horses, regardless of occupation, should receive the utmost care.

Our clean and tidy facility is comfortable for our human guests as well as our horses. They get the best care, the best accommodation, and the best nutrition. They are exercised multiple times a day, and we change their beds weekly. Come by today and see how Sydney Horse stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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