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Whether you’re an adult or child, a beginner or more advanced, Sydney Horse can help you.

We believe that horse riding is one of life’s best experiences
and we’d love to share that with you.

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Find Your Motivation to Ride Through Private Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney

Why do you ride horses? What is it that interests you about the sport? The factors that draw people to and keep people in this amazing activity are numerous and varied, but the question often goes overlooked by participants, even those that have been at it for a long time! Sydney Horse, well known for our private horse riding lessons in Sydney (obviously!) want to challenge you to look within and think about what your motivations for riding horses are.

Rides and Lessons

Whether you’d like to go for a one-off pleasure ride or to master the intricacies of riding we can help.
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Term Programs

We run programs at times to suit you, provided we have two enrolments – so find a friend and join a program.
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School Holiday Programs

In small, supervised groups, children learn how to ride, groom and care for horses.
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You can mix and match things to make a party which suits your needs. You can also hire our converted stable, decorate and bring your own party.
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What Makes People Equestrians?

Do you ride for fun? For many riders, this is all the motivation they need. In Sydney, private horse riding lessons are enjoyed by many just for the satisfaction that it brings them personally. This satisfaction is hardly a surprise, as riding a horse is a genuine blast. Learning how to groom, tack up, and handle horses safely are all activities that just become fun in and of themselves. Learning about different kinds of horse gear, horse body language and behaviour, can be a fascinating study. Finding out facts about horses, about their history, their abilities, and how to interact with them can be so rewarding that you may simply spend all your time doing that!

Do you ride for friendship? Some people enjoy the bond that develops between rider and horse. They begin their private horse riding lessons with some cursory understanding about horses, and as they progress, learn about what it means to care for a horse. They grow to appreciate and care for their horse, and how could they not? Horses have co-existed with humans for many years, not only providing fantastic utility as domestic animals but also becoming friends with whom we have developed a deep level of respect.

Do you ride for glory? For some, it is a competition that they seek when they start their journey with private horse riding lessons. They wish not only to learn the skills, but to hone them to their highest level, and test their ability to ride a horse against other worthy competitors. They still care about the horses, and still enjoy riding, mind you, but also appreciate the additional element brought about by proving their mettle. Although the thought of competitive horse riding does not appeal to all, to those it does attract, there is a definite thrill to seeing how they measure up.

Finding Private Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney

No matter what your motivation is to learn, the fact remains that it all starts with the fundamentals. In Sydney, a private horse riding lesson from Sydney Horse may be just what you need to start you on your path to becoming an equestrian. Our qualified staff teaches the basics to everyone with the desire to learn. No matter your age or level of experience, our staff has something to share with you.

There’s no time like the present to start learning more about horses, so give us a call today on 02 9331 8231 to schedule your very first private horse riding lesson.

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